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Staff costs that are not directly linked to the production or sale of products are usually treated as fixed cost drivers. The main purpose of using cost drivers is to determine which areas require more attention, and how it should be done. Put another way, the amount that goes into producing a specific result can be attributed or linked to each variable that has an impact on the result. This method helps managers evaluate costs incurred cost driver meaning by the business activities, identify the major sources of the costs, and determine what activities they should undertake to reduce or eliminate them. A basic example of cost-driving is linking total sales traffic with the number of staff working outside the store. As you increase your sales traffic, you also have to hire more people for marketing purposes since your marketing campaign will most likely be increased as well.

  • Direct labor hours are a cost driver for the cost of overhead for a prefabricated stair manufacturer since workers build the custom prefabricated stair.
  • Of Kms Run’, and the total cost would be ‘total fuel cost.’ The relationship is clear, the higher the no. of km run, the higher the total cost of fuel.
  • Consequently, these two variables, breadth and depth, proxy for service complexity.
  • For example, your corporate shared services provide human resources and information technology support to the different operating business units such as manufacturing and sales.

Value drivers are factors that increase the worth of a product, service, asset or business. In the case of a product, it could be a differentiating capability that makes the product a must-have for customers. For a business, it could be economies of scale, skilled staff or a loyal customer base that increases the value of the business for shareholders and potential buyers. Denotes that the system allocates any residual cost objects generated by drivers using capacity or frozen rates to the specified target model objects. The driver class that you assign determines whether the driver is a unit, batch, or sustaining driver. This definition should be the same as the consumption pattern that you defined on the Activities page.

Examples of how to use cost drivers in your business

In business, it is vital to find the cost of the product, to identify whether the business can make the required profits from producing those products. If the cost is higher than the revenue generated from the product sale, it will benefit the business. In contrast, if the costs are higher than the revenue generated, the business would have to rethink the decision to go for the production. Now in defining the product cost, these cost drivers play an essential role. It establishes the basis on which cost is to be allocated, which will ultimately result in the total cost of a product.

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Cost accounting is a form of managerial accounting that aims to capture a company’s total cost of production by assessing its variable and fixed costs. Activity-based costing is a method of assigning overhead and indirect costs—such as salaries and utilities—to products and services.

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Cost drivermeans any factor which causes a change in the cost of an activity and which can be directly traced to the origin of the costs themselves. This cost driver is used in companies that operate more than one outlet, such as retail shops or restaurants. As you increase the number of outlets to open new markets and attract more customers, your company’s cost will increase as well. Cost drivers are important because they allow management to better understand the true costs by improving overhead allocation to their products. Direct labor hours are a cost driver for the cost of overhead for a prefabricated stair manufacturer since workers build the custom prefabricated stair.

The cost drivers thus are the link between the activities and the cost of the product. As a result, cost drivers are most relevant in the ABC costing system. The cost of each activity is apportioned to specific products or lines of production, based on resources consumed by cost drivers. A cost driver is a factor that creates or drives the cost of the activity. Drive the activity cost to the cost object or another activity and distribute the activity costs to cost objects such as products, customers, and channels. Automation is essentially taking the production activity-based costing and removing the human element. The cost of operating and maintaining the equipment falls into the same bucket as production, when automated.

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If your company provides more products or services, your costs will increase based on the number of customers you have to serve. That’s why a retail business hires additional staff when there is an increase in the number of customers.

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